Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum number of events required to be eligible for the Champ Championship?

Yes, you must participate in 5 WMGA events prior to the Championship. Two-day events only count as 1 event.

How do I qualify for the Club Championship?

There are 13 designated events to accrue points. The top 6 point earners in both Open and Seniors will qualify for the 8-man match play Club Championship. See the Club Championship Format (PDF) for more details.

The remaining 2 will be determined from a 1-day qualifier on August 7th, the week preceding Club Championship weekend. The 2 low gross scores will qualify and in the event of ties, USGA tie-breaking method will be utilized.

Wait, how do the Season Points work for the Club Championship?

Refer to the Club Championship 2022 (PDF) document for complete and exhaustive details!

What is the Dan Novarr Four Ball Event?

This is a season long 2-man team match play event. Refer to the Novarr 4-ball page for more information.

What are the different Event Formats? … Closest To The Pin? … Ringers?

Event Formats
Refer to the tournament explanations in the Event Descriptions (PDF) for specifics.

Closest to the Pin
For more information on how Closest to the Pin will work refer to the Closest to the Pin (PDF), it’s going to be a lot of fun!

What is Ringers? Ringers will utilize Golf Genius and will record your best hole across all rounds that you compete in for the Season to create your “best round”. That total score (gross or net) will be compared to other players and decide who won Ringers for the season. Refer to the Season Points and Ringers (PDF) to determine which weeks will contribute towards your Ringers “season round”.

What is Golf Genius?

Golf Genius is the way you will enter your scores each week and also the system that computes season long stats and tournaments. For a more detailed demonstration, please visit the How-To Videos page.

Event Registration

Can I register for my teammate or entire foursome?

Utilizing GolfGenius, you may register you and a partner for the 2-person events. You may also register a guest in Bring a Guest events.

How many tee times are afforded to the WMGA each week?

The WMGA is allowed 56 golfers in 14 tee times typically starting at 7:00am.

When does event registration close each week?

Event registrations close at 5:00pm two Thursdays prior to the event (i.e. 10 days in advance). This allows enough time to prepare tee times and adjust the Tee sheet to accommodate for general play from the public.

I missed the registration window… can I still get into an event?

Maybe… contact the WMGA at [email protected] to inquire about any available times/spots, and you’ll be put on wait-list.

Pairings, Results, and Cancellations

May I play with the same pairing each week?

The WMGA is a social golfing experience based around weekly competitions. There are many 2-man and 4-man team events that you may pick your playing partner(s) you desire to play with.

May I have the same tee time each week?

Tee times are based on course availability and requests from week to week. The WMGA will make every effort to try and fulfill your requests to play at your desired tee time if within the WMGA tee time window.

When are pairings/results posted?

Pairings for the upcoming event and results from the event just played are targeted to be released no later than 12:00pm EST on the Monday prior to the event (5 or 6 days prior to play). Tee Sheets will be available on the GolfGenius site and App.

What if I need to cancel?

The WMGA is granted prime tee times on each Sunday (56 golfers in 14 tee times). Those tee times are highly sought after by the public and so the WMGA must protect them for our members each week. As such, the WMGA has instituted a new withdrawal policy in 2022 for those who withdraw past the deadline each week which is typically on Mondays at 12pm EST. Please refer to this WMGA Withdrawal Policy (PDF) for additional details on the new policy for 2022.

Flights and Tees

What tee boxes are events played from?
  • Players under age 55: Green Tees
  • Players 55 and over: Green/White Combo Tees, but may elect to play Green for the entire season (excluding Senior CC qualifying and Senior CC).
  • Age + GHIN Index = 78 or higher are eligible for White Tees
How do you define the flights?

Flights are determined on a weekly basis using participant indexes.